Dinner Bell Foundation

During the Coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis, our family at Pecan Lodge has created the Dinner Bell Foundation to support our community through a variety of initiatives. In order to serve other independently owned restaurants in the city and provide additional income during the pandemic, we are offering several assistance programs for qualifying businesses:


MARKETING AND PROMOTION: Promote your restaurant’s “to-go” program through the Dinner Bell Foundation website to customers who want to place orders for those on the front lines of the COVID-19 crisis.


CONSULTATION: Our team can advise on food cost and menu development so that you can maximize the financial benefits of each order.


PURCHASING FOOD: The Dinner Bell Foundation can directly purchase food from your establishment to help support front line healthcare workers, first responders and their families.


OFFSETTING FOOD COST: We can help offset qualifying restaurants’ food costs with a donation, so that 100% of sales can help support your staff.


DELIVERY AND ORDER PROCESSING: Our team will help coordinate orders for qualifying menu items. We also offer delivery services.

To determine if you qualify, please send an email to outreach@dinnerbelldallas.org with your restaurant’s name, the business owner’s contact information, and the city your restaurant is located in. Please note, this program is currently for independently owned restaurants in the City of Dallas but may expand to other cities depending on demand.

Corporate Sponsors

The Dinner Bell Foundation is seeking corporate sponsors to help us provide support to independent restaurants in need of federal loan assistance. We are actively seeking sponsors and hope to have more information about how we can help in the near future. If you are interested in supporting the Dinner Bell Foundation, please reach out to outreach@dinnerbelldallas.org or donate directly on our homepage www.dinnerbellfoundation.org.